Covid-19 Information

Keeping our clients safe

14th May

As of 11:59pm on the 13th May the alert level has been lowered to level 2. The great news is that once again we are available for home visits in the Hutt Valley area with certain guidelines:

Even though the government has not stipulated the use of masks for personal trainers, the fitness industry governing body has given some guidelines which I will follow:
# If I am 2 metres away from a client then no mask is required
# If within 1 metre a mask should be worn.
# I will clean all the equipment I bring into client's homes and will sanitise my hands frequently.

In addition:
# Any clients with low immunity or living with others in this category will be continuing with me via zoom until further notice
# Any current clients or potential clients that are particularly nervous of one on one training in person can still work with me via zoom for their peace of mind.
# For now, I wont be able to take blood pressures, measurements or perform assisted stretching or foam rolling
# If any client feel unwell, has a cold, sore throat or cough but is well enough to train, will be serviced via zoom.
# If I feel unwell I will also opt to run the session via zoom

Feel assured that I will do everything to keep you and your family safe and create a safe environment for you to be able to start or maintain great fitness and overall health.

There has never been a more important time to take care of your health and wellness as Covid-19 is likely to stay with us for months if not years. Immunity is vital for each of us to be in our best health. This means something different for each of us and personalised health is the key here.


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24th April

As of 11:59pm on Monday 27th New Zealand will move to alert level 3. At this level it is still not possible for us to offer mobile personal training in your homes. We are continuing very successfully to offer personal training and coaching via zoom which is proving very effective for our clients. We do not anticipate being able to offer in home training until we drop to alert level 2. For some seniors and those with compromised immune systems it may be a little longer till we can offer in person training. We will advise further as the alert levels drop further.



28th March

All of New Zealand is now in a state of emergency and on alert Level 4. This means we presently cannot offer in person personal training and coaching. However, great technology these days allows us to connect with our clients for personal training and coaching via zoom.

All our personal training  and coaching sessions are now available to you via zoom, a free video conferencing tool that allows us to be able to see and hear each other live. This facilitates continued connection for you with a person in the outside world and most importantly enables you to continue to exercise safely in your own home with our guidance.

Each workout or coaching session is personalised for your individual needs and we are available for any new bookings.

Please contact us if you would like further information.




15th March 2020

The world has changed with the rapid spread of the Coronavirus and even though New Zealand is not yet to experience a wide spread of the virus we want to ensure that we play our part to keep our clients and their families safe.

As All Active is not a gym based business so we have a lower risk of spreading infection. However, we feel we have an important part in continuing to help our clients achieve the best health possible to ensure their immune system stays strong. This is a timely reminder of how important our health is and not take it for granted.

If you are thinking of improving your health and immunity it's important to be aware of the following:

  • As a nation we are far better off than the rest of the world and if each of us takes simple measures such as frequent washing of hands, avoiding hand shakes and hugs and large gathering this will go along way to keep you and others around you safe.
  • Manage your stress and avoid panic. Stress itself lowers immunity so important to not get too absorbed in the negative media stories and look after yourself. This means continuing to exercise, eating right for your body and getting plenty of sleep. If you require some help to build up your immune system get in touch.

There will be a few things that I will be implementing straight away:

  • I have always sanitized my hands after every session but now I will do this a number of times during the session.
  • I will be carrying alcohol based wipes, and I will take a couple of minutes at the start of the session to wipe down any equipment I intend to use.
  • If I have any symptoms I will be self isolating myself.
  • I will be asking all clients to advise me straight away if they experience symptoms including fever, persistent cough, body aches and shortness of breath. They will be asked to self isolate and if I have been in contact with them I will also self isolate.

There has never been such an important time to look after your health and your immunity. Our personlised health system will help your unique body get what it needs to be well.

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