Improve your posture with a swiss ball

swiss ball officeIt is well known now that sitting for too long can make you gain weight, slow down your body's ability to clear glucose from the body (increasing the risk of diabetes) and causes back pain.  It is not always practical for some to stand up at work so swapping your office chair for a swiss ball is a great option.

 Simply sitting on a swiss ball instead of your office chair promotes core strength by targeting muscles in the centre of your body, including the abdominal, hip, chest and spinal muscles. Located deep within your body, many of these muscles are underused and flabby, which may contribute to injuries and poor posture.


Pearl says: “I attended one of your seminars and finally got round to buying a Swiss ball for my office. My back which has been an on-going problem for over 12 months is feeling better just after 4 days.”


The benefits don’t stop there. Integrating swiss ball exercises into your fitness routine are far more effective than using gym based machines as they target many more muscles and you will use tons more energy performing them. Using a ball can make so many boring and ineffective exercise more challenging and beneficial.