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You are Unique

Why is it that your friend is eating the same as you but loses weight more easily?  Or why do you not get results when you workout every morning? The answer is within your personal Epigenetics profile.  Personalised Health 360 is the World’s most advanced platform that gives you a guide to understanding what is going to be best for your body and your health right now.

By using 15 different bodies of science, including genetics and Epigenetics, you are able to KNOW the foods, exercise, social, work, mindset and environmental considerations that put your body in its best health.

This system gives you the freedom you have been searching for to support your health with confidence. Use your profile in conjunction with our expert assistance to create real and sustainable change in your health.

Your Genes

Your genes are inherited and can't be controlled, but you can change how your genes are expressed. With PH360 it is possible to control which Genes are switched on or off as this is caused by your lifestyle and environment. Would you love to be able to turn your good genes back on?

What is Epigenetics?


Epigenetics are the external influences such as when and what you eat, how and when you exercise, the place you live and even how you interact with others that can turn your good genes on or off.

95% of your current health is dictated by what your environment does to your genes not your genes themselves. So your genes cannot be changed but your Epigenetics can.

By accessing the most advanced personalised health platform in the world we can partner with you to discover your unique needs:

  • The foods that are great for your body
  • The best exercises for your body type
  • Optimise your daily schedule based on your unique body clock.
  • Discover your strengths in your work life, mind and social circles.
  • Understand yourself better than you ever have for ultimate happiness.

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