Currently we cover the Hutt Valley (Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt) excluding Wainuiomata and Eastbourne. However, if you are keen to work with us and you live outside of this area, we do offer skype coaching.

Due to the nature of the industry that we are in, we experience some cancellations due to sickness, holidays or personal circumstances. What that means for us is unproductive time and lost revenue. We are aware that there are people like you out there that could be benefiting from our service but are concerned about the price. Train with one of the top trainers in the country and benefit from a 30% discount on our services. All you need to do, is lodge your details with us and we will inform you when we have sessions available.

We don’t tie you in for fixed term contracts like gyms do. You can stop your training sessions at any time by giving us two weeks’ notice.

Not as such, because diets are proven to make people fatter and are too hard to maintain. We believe in implementing strategies to keep you on track for life using a Personalised Health platform that recommends the foods that your unique body needs right now. We teach you how to read food labels, control portion sizes and guide you to making better decisions about your eating.

Yes we do, as long as you follow our advice consistently we will get you to your goals. We even have a 90 day money back guarantee.

We get asked this a lot but this depends on many factors. Any trainer that tells you you will see results in a specific period of time without first getting to know you properly are just giving you false information. Your results depend on your goals, motivation levels, stress levels and how often you see your trainer.

This depends on your specific goals, motivation levels and budget. We see some clients once per week, some twice or three times and others once a fortnight or month.

No, we can train clients in very small spaces. We can adapt the exercises to fit the space.

No, we bring everything with us. Clients that commit to weekly sessions will receive a free Swiss ball. However, some clients choose to eventually purchase some light weights or bands for use on their own when they following one of our programmes.

No, we are purely a mobile service and bring the equipment required for a good workout to your home or office. Gyms can be impersonal noisy places, which is why we find it more effective to train you in the privacy of your own home or office with no one watching you or judging you. Also, we find we get to know you so much better, because we are exposed to your home life and lifestyle. The better we know you, the more effective our service is.

Initial investment for minimum of three 1 hour sessions is $590 including 1 year membership to the most advanced personalised health platform in the world. If we work with you remotely (skype) the investment reduces to $500.

Subsequent session costs depend on the length of the session (we offer, 45min and 1 hour sessions) and how often you train. These start at $100 for 45 minutes for home visits and $85 for skype.

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