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Personal Trainers will help you regain Your Fitness, Energy & Health at home.  

Don’t have time to waste travelling back and forward to a gym? Can’t work out at home because you don’t know what to do or time to research the right exercises? 

And food… It’s all just too frustrating and stressful… Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of not exercising, eating the wrong food, feeling fat, frumpy, tired and hungry and you’re just sick and tired of being sick and tired?!

Now just suppose you had your own personal trainer that comes to you! No travelling time! And just suppose that personal trainer was an expert in managing busy lifestyles – eating, stress, anxiety, fitness and motivation… Forget wasting endless hours on research!

Seriously… FORGET the gym membership… FORGO the travelling… And DITCH your research! Get a Personal  fitness trainer who is your health expert, just magically turn up and guide you in privacy!

Personal Trainer and coach is even better

• Don’t waste a cent… With  All Active Personal Trainer get a 90 Day Satisfaction Money-back guarantee!

• Hate being stood up? How about a 100% on time guarantee with all our fitness programmes

• And if you’re STILL not sure, our initial consultation is FREE!

C’mon, take a good look at yourself… Is it time? Time to regain your fitness, energy and health and learn how to feel great for life?


All Active mobile personal trainer Rachel Marks is a SMEAEP endorsed exercise professional. Business owners or employers can claim our fitness programmes as a legitimate business expense.