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We are currently only offering online personal training and coaching via zoom. Same high quality service personalised for you.

If you have tried a plethora of diets and exercise to no avail, we can help. Because you may have been doing all the wrong things for your body despite your consistent efforts. Because our personal trainers understand that you are unique, so what delivers results for your friends might not be effective for your body.

All Active trainers offer a FREE no obligation consultation so you can discover how you can get help with your specific needs. Improve your fitness, reduce stress and lose weight and as a result become healthier and more energetic. This is now possible using our personalised health system because one size does not fit all.

All Active Personal Trainer and Coach comes to you

All Active experts can visit you in the privacy of your own home anywhere in the Hutt Valley so making it more convenient for you (excluding Eastbourne and Wainuiomata).

We offer:

Personalised Health       √ Personal Training      √ Stress Reduction   √ NLP Coaching   √ Fitness for seniors

So you can benefit from more than just fitness programmes.

All your well-being needs under one roof and as a result making it more convenient for you. Coaching is available via Zoom if you are not located in the Hutt Valley.

Have Confidence

√ All Active trainers are REPS registered (Register of Exercise Professional).

√ You get a 90 day satisfaction guarantee with us.

√ All Active have been nominated in a few awards.

√ Our clients have experienced incredible success with us. Read about what they have to say.

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Personal Training

personal trainer

Effective, fun workouts in your own home at a time that suits you. All workouts are safe and tailored to your exact needs. All Active qualified Personal Trainers can get you feeling fit and energetic. Find out more..

Personalised Health


Personalised Health360 is the World’s most advanced platform that gives you a guide to understanding what is going to be best for your body and your health right now. Because we are all different. Find out more...


NLP Training

BrainNLP is like a tool box for your brain. You may have experiences in your past that are hindering your future. Rachel Marks NLP Practitioner, can help you overcome those barriers to improve your well-being. Find our more..

Stress Reduction

Stress reductionIf you are highly stressed, this will interfere with your sleep, ability to lose weight and more crucially can be a danger to your health. An All Active trainer can help you make a change. Find out more..
What our clients say

Dalia's reflection

Healthy lifestyle

This is just to note down in writing a small reflection about our short yet fruitful time together without too much chronological or medical details continue reading

Feel amazing

Feel amazing

Rachel made it easy to help me get in shape, lose weight and feel healthy and wonderful. My life has changed so much. Continue reading

Diabetes under control

Diabetes under control

My weight is down from 84 to 77 and sugar levels down. Sugar levels stable. I feel more healthy physically and better mentally. Continue reading

Stronger and fitter

personal training

Rachel has helped me become stronger and fitter than I have ever been and helped me achieve my goal to do Outward Bound. Continue reading