Eat right for you

Eating for your unique body's requirements is vital.  One size does not fit all as your unique body will need a special formula to achieve true health and vitality . There is no such thing as a healthy food but rather what is nutritious for your body type.  Partner up with us to discover your essential  top foods using  the world's most advanced Epigenetics platform. This system will  help you understand what foods are best for your unique body right now.

Did you know that for some people even Broccoli isn't appropriate to include in their diet, this is applicable to people with thyroid disorders. For others consuming Red wine can cause allergic reactions so despite it being a good choice for some, for others it can be harmful.


Even when and how often we should eat is dictated by the individual's needs. Some need to eat often but others should have larger gaps between meals due to their long digestive tract. The old saying eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper is far from accurate for some body types.

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