"The person that experiences no stress is in fact dead" Hans Selye

Stress Management

In order for us to live, we need to experience stress. Stress can be positive. Stress only becomes an issue when there is a lack of recovery and an effective stress management intervention.  Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening to many of us. Chronic stress is constantly there with no opportunity for the body to get into a recovery state.

Stress breaks our bodies down, whilst recovery builds it back up. You may not realise the impact on the body of this continual stress and it may be the cause of widespread pain, frequent injuries, infections, constant illness and weight gain.

Our experts understand the impacts of stress and our stress management programmes can help you recover.

Our Stress Management Programme will help you:

  • Discover the triggers of your stress
  • Find effective relaxation techniques
  • Heal your gut- 90% of your immune system is in your gut (Access to PH360 Epigenetics platform required)
  • Optimise your sleep
  • Ensure you are breathing optimally

Are you Self employed or a business owner?

You can claim any session with us as a legitimate taxable business expense, as we are a part of the Exercise NZ Stress Managment Programmes.