Lymphascial™ Reset

Your Lymphatic system is an important system in the body that is part of your immune system. When it gets clogged up it can cause a myriad of health issues in the body. The Lymphascial reset is a treatment that helps address that.

”Lymphascial™ Resetting - a treatment modality combining the body’s fascial (connective tissue) system with the lymphatic (transmission fluid) system, and where the combination of both systems together enables synergistic actions of both”. It was created by the incredible John Polley and Corinne Austin.

Based on the premise of healing, both the lymphatic and myofascial systems have remarkable potential to stimulate and unlock a body that has been trapped physically, chemically, emotionally, or immunologically.

When the fascia is healthy, hydrated, and unrestricted, the lymph can move more easily through it towards the heart for removal. However, if the fascia is bound and restricted because of dysfunctional postures, injury, surgical scarring or inflammation, this can create roadblocks in the system.

What does the Lymphatic system do?

The Lymphatic system is like the body's sewage system and helps clear toxins and waste products from the body. It's a vital component of the immune system, protecting us from foreign invaders. It also maintains fluid levels in the body and transports fatty acids from digestive tract.


Signs that your Lymphatic system needs some TLC:

  • Any itis- bursitis, flantar fasciitis, arthritis, tendonitis etc
  • Auto immune
  • Back, neck pain, joint pain
  • Weight loss struggles or Plateau
  • Abnormal swelling face or limbs
  • Morning stiffness, soreness, itchiness
  • Nerve issues
  • Skin symptoms- varicose veins, acne, discolouring, blotches
  • Brain fog
  • Poor sleep
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Easily bruising
  • Food intolerances


Of course some of the symptoms above could also be caused by other factors, but addressing Lymphatics is an important piece of the puzzle.

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Lymphascial™ resetting session


Reduced stress
Increased relaxation
Relief from tight muscles
Improved circulation
Increased energy
Improved range of motion
Reduced inflammation



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