It's not the carbs, it's you! ⁠

Carbohydrates are the most loved and hated macronutrient. Supreme athletes swear by high carbs, others don't. Then there are those on a weight loss journeys that are wary of them, while others thrive after their consumption!⁠

Your body is unique, how you process carbohydrates and how your health responds to them is going to be different for you than others. Some individuals will thrive with a high carb diet - it will help them gain muscle and increase their metabolism.Whilst others will function better on a lower carb diet. ⁠

Not only that, your carb requirement will change! One day, after a run, you may be able to tolerate plenty of carbohydrates, however, 2 days later, the same meal causes a poor response because you've been inactive.Then there's your stress levels - being in high stress will cause you to process carbs poorly, while the same amount during a peaceful meal can have a positive effect.⁠
Confused?! 🤯😩

The simple answer is every BODY is different so therefore you should be eating the carbs from the foods that are right for you, in the amount your body needs them, WHEN it needs them! And know that there is technology and training to make this complex (carb) question very simple and practical!

So how do you know what your body needs in regards to Carbs? Visit our personalised health page to find out what your secret formula is.