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Discover the secret to establishing new habits and making them stick!

Past events

Join me live on Zoom on the 16th April 7pm (NZ time)

Bookings are essential- Investment only $25

Are you tired and frustrated with trying to stick to new habits that you just can't make stick?

Sometimes, it can just be exhausting trying to achieve improved health and energy, that it seems easier to give up.

Would you like to know how to make new habits stick and break out of the procrastination?

You need to join Rachel Marks,a leading New Zealand tv presenter, mentor, genetics coach and NLP Practitioner for a 75 minute engaging presentation that will help you finally shift your stuck mindset and set you free.

Discover the behaviours and habits that are standing in your way and understand how your individual body structure will require different strategies to succeed.

Take the first step with Rachel out of comfort and procrastination and into freedom and action.


Join Rachel Marks now by reserving your spot.

Smash through your obstacles to success, determine the pitfalls and help you focus and achieve what you really want.

You have to make a decision to attend. But for some, decision making is challenging and takes time. But if you wait you will miss out and regret it later.

So seize the moment and change your life, by taking just a small initial step towards a more decisive, healthier, more energised and happier you.

You will learn:

  • What it takes to establish a habit and make it stick
  • How your body structure will determine the right path for you
  • The actions that need to be taken to help you move towards lasting change
  • How to develop a positive powerful mindset that will drive you away from negativity and procrastination

Some attendee comments from previous presentation:

“The information was 'eye opening' and presented in such an easy-to-understand way." Louise
“Very informative event I loved it.” Amanda
“Wow, that explains so much about the challenges I have had.” Karen
“I can’t wait to put this information into practice.” Julie

When and where

Tuesday 16th of April at 7pm-815pm
Live on Zoom

recording will be made available after event but you must register to receive it

Investment $25


Meet Your Presenter

Rachel marks made a career change that led her to the fitness industry over 22 years ago. She has since become a highly experienced and sought-after Personalised Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and NLP Practitioner.

She is the owner of the successful mobile personal training company, All Active. She has appeared on numerous TV shows, is a regular presenter at the NZ fitness conference, and mentors other personal trainers.

Her passion is to empower her clients into making changes to their lives using NLP and personalised health to help them overcome stress and poor health and regain their joy and vitality for sustainable change.

Rachel Marks