Don't have the time to go to the gym and walk your dog?  Book your own private workout to get fit with your dog instead of going for the same dog walks.

Exercise level aimed at beginners to moderate.  Group personal training will be a mixture of on and off lead as works best for you and your dog. It doesn't matter if your dog is a little naughty as taking part in this class will help with obedience and much better than boring dog walking on your own.

Fun workouts with your best friend

Get fit with your dog is a fun way of working out with your dog. It can make you forget you are exercising. It all feels less like a workout and more like fun.

How it all works

  • Find at least two other people  (3 minimum required for class) that would like to train in a group with their dogs. ( Or if they dog lovers but don't own a dog they can still take part).
  • Agree on a time and place that works for everyone. Can be at your home. (Hutt valley only).
  • Book in advance for series of classes (minimum of 4).
  • Cost $25 each for 3 people or $20 each for 4 people.
  • Classes can be tailored to group's needs.
  • No equipment required.

Attend this class and benefit from stronger muscles and joints, improved cardiovascular conditioning and stress reduction. Your dog will burn off extra energy and become more obedient.


If you don't want to exercise in a group, you can check out the option of personal training with your dog.

Because dogs deserve to have fun too

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