You are Unique- It's time to get personalised

Why is it that your friend is eating the same as you but loses weight more easily?  Or why do you not get results when you workout every morning? Getting access to the world's most advanced personalised health platform will give you these answers.

Each one of us is unique and requires different things in order to switch our good genes on and this is not just about food. Your timings of sleep, exercise, meals play an important part in achieving your best health along with the people you socialise with, how your home is set up and even the type of work you do.

Access an epigenetics platform that will catapult your health and well-being to a whole new level that will revolutionize how you live your life.


Purchase access only or combine with coaching for the best results possible. Purchase below for a discount on 1 year access.


1 year membership to PH360 Epigenetics platform (save $100)     $220



1 year membership to PH360 + 90min *coaching session      $420



1 year membership to PH360+3 initial *sessions (save 10%) $630     


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*In home coaching sessions only available in the Hutt Valley excluding Wainuiomata. Online zoom sessions are available for those outside of our area.