Want some simple exercises that you can do at home? Watch these videos to get started.

We advise you to warm up thoroughly before you exercise.

How to get through a weight loss plateau

It can be so frustrating when you have trained hard and been strict with your diet and the scales still show the same numbers. Well don't fret, as plateaus are actually normal and common and everyone should expect to experience them at some point in their weight loss journey. Here are some simple tips to get you through: ...Read More

High Intensity Training

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Relaxation technique

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Ten high fat foods that are good for you

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Healthy delicious desserts

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Breakfast ideas

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Evening meal ideas

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Improve your posture with a swiss ball

swiss ball office It is well known now that sitting for too long can make you gain weight, slow down your body's ability to clear glucose from the body (increasing the risk of diabetes) and causes back pain.  It is not always practical for some to stand up at work so swapping your office chair for a swiss ball is a great option....Read More